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Marsh Video Productions, 29247 Woodridge Drive, Easton, Maryland 21601


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We have produced corporate multimedia and video since 1989 for a large number of corporate, industrial, educational and institutional clients.

We provide a personalized production services for every budget.  Available services cover pre-production planning and scripting, production, editing, mastering, and short and medium-run duplication on any media.

We use only professional equipment, including digital cameras, sound and lighting equipment, and nonlinear digital editing, start to finish. We have our own studio, or we can work on location.

We produce in many formats including among others, High Definition, Standard Definition, Widescreen (16:9), and Standard Aspect (4:3).

Delivery options include Blu-ray, DVD, interactive CD-ROM, Web formats and of course, videotape (among others).

We can author fully interactive menus and links that provide direct access to specific content on DVDs, CDs, Blu-ray Discs, and web pages.

We will produce quality video and multimedia materials to satisfy your exacting needs at prices that you never dreamed you could afford!

We invite comparison!