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Budgeting Considerations

  One cannot accurately determine the cost of video from a price list.  There are far too many factors that affect cost.  However, one can reasonably estimate a range for budgeting.  This page provides guidelines for this purpose.  Contact us for details and a firm proposal.


  Superior Corporate Video: Typically 5-10 minutes, $10,000-$30,000 ($2,000-$3,000 per finished minute)
This solution satisfies our corporate-industrial clients that are looking for video of the highest production and technical qualities.  Services provided include all required pre-production planning and scripting, production, and post production.  They typically incorporate sophisticated lighting, audio, CG, FX, and animated graphics, and sometimes require leased equipment and third-party services, paid contracted production staff, paid on-camera talent, higher priced voiceover talent, and licensed music, etc.

Corporate Video: Typically 5-10 minutes, 2,500-$10,000 ($500-$1,000 per finished minute)

This is ideal for clients with basic video needs or those with a more limited budget, but who still demand totally professional results. Like Superior Corporate Videos, services provided include all required pre-production planning and scripting, production and post production.  However, they usually incorporate more economical and/or fewer CG, FX, and graphics, and lower cost royalty free music and voiceover talent.  Usually, there is no professional on-camera talent and a smaller crew.

Video: Typically 5-10 minutes, $1,000-2,000 ($200 per finished minute)
We normally don't recommend Guerilla Video, but there is definitely a place for it in the corporate production hierarchy.  Somewhat like Event Video, it is usually shot without a script and sometimes without even an outline, using mostly basic video and audio equipment and setup.  Editing is relatively simple and straight-forward, without many flourishes.  However, the final result is still good, solid video that is head and shoulders above typical homemade efforts.

30-second Cable Spot: Typical cost $750-$1,000
This is a very affordable way to market yourself, your company or product on cable or on your website. Services include 1/2 day of shooting, digital editing, basic animated graphics, royalty free music and voiceover.

Broadcast Video: From $5,000 ($1,000+ per finished minute)
This is designed to meet the requirements (aesthetic, production and technical) of network and broadcast television. It involves the highest levels of production effort.

Event Coverage Video: Call for Details and Proposal.
We provide equipment and staff to provide video services and coverage of your event. Closed circuit distribution? Big-screen projection?  In a Rush?  Need a fast turn-around short production?  Same-Day Edit? We can do it all!

Web Streaming Video: Call for Details and Proposal
The process of producing for web streaming is essentially the same as producing for other methods of distribution.  We sometimes incorporate twists in technique and style to create special effects suitable for and optimized for the medium.  We also take existing video and adapt it for streaming.  We will work with your webmaster to produce whatever is needed for your website.  We employ the highest quality encoding software, and can output to every web streaming format including among others, Flash, Windows Media, Quicktime, and Real Media.

Duplication Services: Prices start under $2.00.  Call for Details and Quote.
We can provide in-house duplication and transfer services of your video and multimedia materials to DVD and CD at very economical prices and ultra-fast turnaround.  We print your labels directly on the disc (no sticky labels), and package them in whatever manner you need.