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We are NOT a high-volume transfer factory. Every project is an individualized CUSTOM job.

+ We perform all work right here in our Easton studio. We do not send it out.
+ We handle and digitize and edit every item by hand, scene by scene, to optimize the results.
+ We use HD equipment specially designed for this work. The "systems" focus directly on the film itself, not a screen.
+ No job is too big or too small.
+ We are competitively priced with the high-volume factories, which do not provide custom handling, editing and local service.

If you are looking to transfer your family treasures with great care, expertise and the right equipment, call us at the above number.


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Custom Movie Transfers (Silent and Sound):

Movie film processing starts by individually digitizing each reel using true HD TELECINE equipment that focuses directly on the film and eliminates flicker.  Then we:

+ Edit each reel to correct color, remove leaders, adjust brightness and contrast, etc.
+ Optimize audio quality of sound film.


+ Arrange the reels in order chronologically (or to your specification).
+ Add generic music if you want. Or projector sound. Or the music you specify. Or even silence.
+ If you wish, record an audio narration to transform your films into a personal living family history.
+ Place a title page between each reel, to identify what is on the film.*
+ Create an attractive opening menu so you to jump directly to individual reels (DVD).*
+ And finally, create the media of your choice, such as DVD or USB thumb drives, etc. (Even videotape.)

* Title pages and menus require that we have information for each reel, such as descriptions on the reels or boxes, or client input.

The pictures at the right are from an actual film transfer project we performed.  The original film had faded to cyan and hadn't been rewound, so it played upside down, mirrored, and backwards.  By applying a little routine editing, the result looks almost like new film.  Amazing!

           Before                     After
Prices: Custom Movie Transfers (Silent or Sound):

Basic Prices (silent film):

8mm/Super8 - 19¢ per foot,
plus $2.00 per reel.

16mm - 25¢ per foot,
plus $3.00 per reel.

Small additional charge for sound

As a guideline, about 80% of the total price of a project is in digitizing and editing (the reel and per foot cost). To ballpark your final price, estimate your reel and per foot cost. Then add about 20%.

3" reel = 50' (this is the reel length originally shot in the camera)
5" reel = 200' (four-50' reels spliced together)
7" reel = 400' (eight-50' reels spliced together)

Give us a phone call us for an estimate, or bring us your materials for a firm quote.


Custom 35mm Slide, Film Strip and Negative Transfers:

We will advise you on the best specs to satisfy your needs, and scan your materials on a Nikon Coolscan 5000ED system, the gold standard for scanning slides, film strips and negatives. We:

+ Scan at resolutions 2,000 dpi to 4,000 dpi, 8 or 16-bit color depth, sRGB.
+ Color correct and optimize each image.
+ Create JPEG or uncompressed TIFF formatted files.
+ Copy the files to CD-ROM, DVD-ROM or USB thumb drive, etc.

We also digitize printed photographs on a flat-bed scanner and perform editing operations with sophisticated editing software. Call for details.

Prices: Custom 35mm Slide, Film Strip and Negative Transfers:

Basic Prices:

For straight slide digitization with standard image processing, jpeg format::
     75 per slide, 2,000 dpi
    $1.00 per slide, 4,000 dpi.

Strip Film and Negatives (converted to positives): $1.50 per image, jpeg format.

$1.00 per typical paper photo, jpeg format.

Larger Formats also Available

Large slide quantities are priced lower on a sliding scale.  Price breaks are at 300 and 500 slides. Other resolutions and enhanced image processing available.

Call for prices on digitizing printed photographs.

Give us a phone call for an estimate, or bring us your materials for a firm quote.

We welcome Credit Cards and Mobile Payments