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 Concerts, Plays, Recitals and Graduations, Dance, Figure Skating Exhibitions

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Multiple digital cameras in the best vantage points.

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Lots of close-ups.

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Everybody gets a share of the
prime coverage.

Your Problem

In the past, you've tried to videotape these events yourself.  You've also tried amateurs, the school A/V department, and so-called "professional" event videographers.    However, the typical venues are notoriously "video and audio unfriendly." You've discovered that most "professional" event videographers are just weekend warriors trying to make a few extra bucks. And predictively, you've never gotten anything worth watching.  The sound is marginal at best....The faces of everybody are all washed out one moment and dark and murky the next....The single camera used could not see the whole thing....What to do?

The Solution

We are the undisputed leader in our market area in the art of special events video like concerts, plays, recitals and graduations.  We have a very successful formula for taping and editing these events.  Many organizations ask us to cover their events, because they know our combination of experience, multiple cameras and microphones, digital equipment, and attention to detail enable us to capture difficult-to-capture events.  We acquire good material and edit it into beautiful and entertaining DVD's with titles, credits, and other value-added features.  Also, often we produce high-quality companion audio CD's for things like concerts, recitals, dance and figure skating exhibitions.  And we do it all affordably.


Just as we have come up with a successful production formula, we also have come up with a pricing strategy that is attractive to all parities.  We normally agree with the client for a minimum number of copies at a particular price (e.g., 25 DVDs at $25 each).  This covers our production cost and spreads the cost among the end-viewer customers fairly. When we get to know you and develop a working history, we may even entertain the possibility of working on a specuation sales basis.

The best way to discuss your exact requirements and cost is to give us a phone call or drop us an email.

Note:  We produce materials of events such as plays and concerts only for the exclusive benefit of the cast, crew and their immediate families in order that they should have an archive-quality record of their devotion and hard work.  We will not produce materials for general distribution for profit or otherwise, and do not condone others using our materials for doing the same.

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