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The right equipment amplifies our personal skills and is an important factor in making excellent video possible. However, equipment costs can become the major cost of production and drive prices right out of the reach of many customers.  Equipment selection is a balancing act.  We at MVP take equipment selection very, very seriously.  We have carefully selected our equipment to enable us to provide image and sound quality tailored to satisfy customer requirements.


Cameras are important and the most visible equipment we use.  The images and sound in the final production can never be better than what is acquired by the camera.

Our invlude 3-chip, HDdigital high definition cameras, such as the Sony HVR-V5U.  They enable us to acquire video in HD and SD formats, in both native wide screen (16:9) and standard (4:3) aspect ratios in 1080/60i/60p, 24p and NTSC..

Or cameras record to solid state memrory cards, which eliminates tape from the acquisition process altogether (tape becomes a backup only) and expedites post production editing.

All of our cameras are widely used members of the professional HD and DV families of camcorders that are used extensively for all kinds of professional video production, including some types of broadcast work.  Without knowing it, you have probably watched many hours of TV shot with these cameras.


Sound quality is every bit as important as image quality.  It's amazing how the right voice and background music can breathe life into a piece burdened with mundane video material or a dry subject.

We have a broad inventory of sound equipment, including professional wireless and wired microphones, multi-channel digital recorders, low-noise mixers, and a computerized studio utilizing hardware with 100+ dB S/N specs.  We also have built relationships with a number of voiceover professionals in English, Spanish and other languages.  We we have 250+ CDs of royalty-free music for background music beds; also the SmartSound custom scoring system with multi-layered music libraries. We can also contract with various artists to produce custom music beds if required.

Our cameras record high quality digital sound. For our most demanding audio recording requirements, we augment our cameras with the Korg D888, 8-channel, and the Zoom H4N 4-channel digital recorder-mixer systems, which record in uncompressed digital format.  They are small enough to be used in the field, yet capable enough to be at home in our studio.  Coupled to quality mics and other inputs, they enable us to handle extremely demanding audio in the field and in the studio.


Like audio, lighting is essential to quality video.  We have an excellent selection of LED, flourescent, halogen, and incandescent, halogen, and fluorescent fixtures to suite every need.  We couple this with a large inventory of gels, filters, diffusers, soft boxes, and other accessories that enable us to tailor the lighting to the exact needs of a production in the studio and in the field.


We edit with high performance, digital, format-independent, realtime nonlinear editing (NLE) systems.  This enables us to work in and mix standard definition (SD), high definition (HD), 4:3 and 16:9, etc. all in the same project.  Our editing systems enable us to deliver image and sound quality that equals the original, without generation losses and other issues associated with some editing systems.  We also have highly portable NLE systems with similar capabilities for use in the field.


We use GrassValley Edius Pro NLE editing software, which gives us almost unlimited capabilities in performing the most complex edits with its extensive library of effects, highly effective filters and third party plug-ins.  Edius is totally format independent, and employs the renowned Canopus suite of codecs that have set the standards in the industry for a decade.  In addition, we have a broad inventory of other software, such as Sony Sound Forge, After Effects, Photoshop, Audition and Encore.  GV Imaginate and Procoder 3, plus many others round out the available software commonly used in post production.


All in all, you can find bigger studios with more equipment, but you won't find one that is better planned to produce the highest quality from beginning to end, or one that is more progressive keeping up with the times, or with more experience producing the types of material we specialize in.  Everything we have works totally seamlessly together, and has been selected with customer expectations and requirements in mind.