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  It is hard to imagine a modest investment with a larger potential payback than an investment in a  professionally produced College Scholarship Video.  An investment of just a few hundred dollars has an excellent chance of paying back tens of thousands of dollars.

In lieu of personal interviews and scouting, coaches, department heads, and admissions officers review large numbers of videos to better determine students' talents and qualifications.  In the end, they usually have more qualified athletes and students than they have available slots and money.  Everything else being more or less equal, the athletes and students that have made the best impressions in their videos are most likely to be the ones that win those hard-fought admissions and the best scholarships.

So why submit an amateurish video that gets little notice and gets lost in the shuffle?  It pays to give your students the professional edge.  MVP has an impressive record helping dozens of students secure admission to the schools of their choice and win impressive scholarships.  We have the skills and experience to produce a College Scholarship Video for you that will stand out from the others in the stack of videos received.

Especially for sports videos, for which it takes time to collect good game footage, it is never too early to start the production process.  We urge you to get in touch with us to determine how we can produce that College Scholarship Video to give you that professional edge within your budget.

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